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Much of my work, in a broad sense, is nature oriented – focused on abstract land, sea, and skyscapes.

Many images are photo based and most are in a mixed media environment. They are about balance, restraint, joy and exuberance within a shallow space.


Textured Memories
Digital Collage with Handwork
(Archival), Edition of 5, 15x18

Aegean Memory e.v. 2/2
Digital Print with Handwork
Archival Iris print, 10x18

Dynamic Flow
Monotype, 14.75 x 20

Mendocino Sea e.v. 2/2
Digital Print with Handwork (Archival), 5.75x19.5

Linear Constructs
with Clouds No. 3
Watercolor and graphite
17.75 x 11.75