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Barbara Hazard grew up on Long Island near New York City, and has lived in Oregon, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and on an island in the St. Lawrence River. For the last thirty years her home has been in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the mother of three, grandmother of nine.

Hazard first went to Russia in 1983 and has spent an average of two months a year there since then, mostly painting in Leningrad/St. Petersburg. She came to know the Leningrad independent artists' community in the mid-'80s when, together with Sergei Kovalsky, she
curated an exchange of exhibitions between Leningrad's Fellowship for Experimental Fine Arts and Gallery Route One of Point Reyes
Station, California. She holds the Russians largely responsible for many of the recent
developments in her own art, including her increasing acceptance of the dark.

Hazard is the author of “Off Nevsky Prospekt: Life Among Leningrad's Unofficial Artists”, Open Books, 1992.


At the BBC Cafe
o/c 36x48

Night River
o/c, 36x48

Night Fishing
o/paper, 19x25

Double Boiler Series #9
o/paper, 24x18

Double Boiler Series #13
o/paper, 24x18