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I am primarily a realistic painter. I graduated from the State University of Iowa, Iowa City with a B.A. in Fine Arts. There I became convinced of the importance of learning techniques of realistic representation as a foundation on which to build. As the years passed, I used that foundation for interpreting many different subjects in many media, sometimes combining media.

Plein air painting with watercolor is one of my favorite pursuits. I find something peaceful and meditative in observing and interpreting nature's forms. My subjects range from my Berkeley back yard to scenes of South Eastern France where my sister lives.

Into these paintings of the natural world creep refuse. With this series I express my discomfort with our littering, and disregard of our earth. I use watercolor for the natural forms, and often some acrylic to paint newspapers, cigarette buts, plastic bags, soft drink cans.

Life sized portraits of the nursing home women make up a third direction my art explores. The portraits are life-sized, because the women are important people who need to be seen. Painted in acrylic in shades of grey, they are on unstretched slightly wrinkled canvas.

My latest work is digital taking the form of nests, some of them very abstract. The digital nests can be seen at the following web address http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/joanna-katz.html

Visit my web site www.artbyjoanna.net to see more paintings, some from the series I have mentioned, and some from other series.



Winter Nest
Digital collage, 12" x 15"

Sedona Skyline
Watercolor & gouache
10.5 x 14"

Backyards of Tillac
Watercolor & gouache
8.5" x 11"

Landscape at a Glance
Watercolor, 10” x 13.5”

Littered Landscape #3
Watercolor & acrylic, 30" x 22