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I have been a dream-based artist for many years and have recorded almost 3000 night dreams. I’ve developed themes from hundreds of them into artworks in acrylic paint, colored pencil drawings, collages and sculpture. Most but not all of my work comes from this rich imaginal night world which I believe brings messages from the soul, the deepest self.

FOOD DREAMS - 12 acrylic paintings on 10" wooden circles that involve food images from night dreams. Shown in Berkeley, CA, at Giorgi Gallery and The Dream Institute.

ANCESTOR LINE - 30 artworks featuring old family photos from two ethnic lines: Finnish and Slovak.  Most are on embroidered pillowcases with photo transfers with identifying titles in ink. Some 3-D objects: ironing board & pillows. The Ancestor Line honors women's weekly washing  and needlework. This raises the mystery of the past and how we are all connected. Shown at Finnish Cultural Center, Sonoma, and City Gallery, San Pablo, CA.

CLOTH DREAMS - 51 artworks. Most hang on a clothesline or are arranged in quilt formation on a wall.  Photo transfers of laundry are on old fashioned decorated handkerchiefs that are sewn on new 17" square white restaurant napkins. Around each border is written a night dream about cloth or laundry. An entire installation was featured at the International Association for the Study of Dreams Conference, www.iasdreams.org.

DREAM SQUARES - 33 prismacolor drawings on 16"x20" framed Arches paper, containing a total of 252 night dream images. This is a visual diary.

DREAM BOXES - 9 boxes collaged with laser prints of the above square drawings. Theme grouped: love dreams, meditation, death, family, etc.  Cigar box sizes.




Food Dreams
Acrylic on wood, 10 in. diameter
Click to view 12 works

Ancestor Line
Photo transfer, cloth, ink - 57x15
Click to view 6 works

Cloth Dreams
Photo transfer, cloth, ink - 17x17
Click to view 11 works

Dream Squares
Prismacolor on Arches
16x20 framed
Click to view 11 works

Dream Boxes
Laser prints on cigar boxes
Click to view 7 boxes